Ok, so menstrual cups.           Basically – GET ONE.

lunette pic 1

Stop faffing about and going ‘oh wonder if they work’ ‘must try that’ or ‘its just a fad’..

I’m going to tell you about my trial of a Lunette cup, so that you can feel like a normal mama tried one and survived, so hopefully you won’t need to feel like you have to be super out there to try it.


I had no idea that I was using around 10’000 pads or tampons in my life.

Before you cringe and close the lid, know that this is being written with some home truths and by a normal mama, so no advertising here. I will mention the brand I have used, and yes the product was gifted to me, but if I did not like it – I would not talk about it – let alone write a post.. so bear with me and see what you think!

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Blooming Fabulous – New Spring Style.


Over the not so favorable winter months we sat in our homes and hunked down out of the weather, now that Spring has sprung its time to shake off the blues and re-invigorate ourselves with a little glamour and elegance in our homes and wardrobe to bring on the sunshine!

cushions shape

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For Rocks Sake..

crystal 1OK, so recently some stuff came up in my life and I got STUCK. Just like the little yellow digger. I felt like I had used 3 or 4 other bigger diggers to pull me out and I was still STUCK. The next biggest digger was too damn expensive and I did not want massive amounts of friends and family to bring round spades for a digging party. Apart from my sister they would have all had different opinions on solving various problems, usually resulting in my self esteem taking a massive hit as they all told me to stop eating every and all types of food all at once.

This was something I wanted to handle alone, quietly and move on without making a fuss.

To the rescue – @KateJonesLife!

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Norwex Cloth Range

TextCandy_20170719_120129 (3)

UGH, I hate cleaning sooo much. weirdly I love laundry, but wiping and dusting.. I would rather poke myself in the eye.

Anything to take that crappy job away is a happy place for me! so when we were approached by Toni Williams, (@gogreenwithtoni) to try out some of the Norwex range and see what we thought, I thought sweeeeet!

I am trying to be more conscious in our home about removing plastic, excess waste and cleaning products so this was a perfect time to try a product like this!  We gave the cloths a good trial, and thought I was about ready to tell you my thoughts!

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Home Wishlist

Home wishlist

Well it’s ‘Wish List Time’ !

Thursdays are my chance to showcase to you some of the gorgeous products out there that I would dearly love to have in my home! Last week it was things for me and this week treats for home! Maybe you might love them too! Let me know some things in your wishlist!Read More »

Autumn Wishlist

May 4 things i love‘You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You just might find
You get what you neeeeeeeed!!’
(Rolling Stones)

These things are things that are on my wish-list. By no means do I need them, having a toddler and on modest wages means extra treats are scrimped and saved for (and usually for Sam – not me!) .. it is simply a want, luxuries of goodness and delight.. things that to have would make me simply smile..Read More »